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Youth Wellness & Performance Podcast

Jan 3, 2019


0:30 Introduction

1:45 Meaghan Stratford

2:08 Dr. Ashley Miller

3:40 Defining anxiety

  • “Anxiety is not pathological. Anxiety is normal. We need anxiety to survive.”

4:32 Body alarm analogy for anxiety

5:58 Defining depression

7:05 Differences in diagnosis of anxiety and depression between kids and adults

8:40 Physical symptoms in anxiety

9:35 Causes of anxiety

  • “Belonging to a group and doing well in school are the two big things that matter to school-aged kids”

10:49 Transition points where anxiety may be more common

11:45 Common causes of depression

13:24 Role of lifestyle factors (sleep & physical activity)

16:20 Social media influence

  • “There is such pressure to be available all the time.”

17:30 Recognizing anxiety and depression in your kids

19:49 Other than parents, who recognizes a change in a child’s behaviour

21:21 Resources for friends

22:03 Management options for anxiety

25:25 Management options for depression

29:35 Questions from the crew

  • What age does anxiety become most noticeable in youth?
  • Do kids grow out of their anxiety?
  • Has there been a noticeable increase in anxiety with more screen time?
  • Is mindfulness and meditation something and offered and encouraged among youth?
  • When diagnosing anxiety, what is the process of deciding if the patient should go on medication?
  • Can you recognize depression in children at the very early stages in life?

35:03 Concluding thoughts