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Youth Wellness & Performance Podcast

Jan 14, 2020

My conversation with Dr. Sofia Strömmer, in which she discusses her current research trial -- Engaging Adolescents in Changing Behaviour (EACH-B). Follow this link to learn more -- Sofia explains the underlying philosophies of the trial, why she is interested...

Dec 17, 2019

Topics include genotyping, gene sequencing, direct-to-consumer testing, stem cells, and more in this episode with Kristen Gibson. She is a wonderful guest and was very kind to share her knowledge. I hope you enjoy. 

Sep 29, 2019

0:00: The DOHaD hypothesis & empowerment

3:35: Introduction to the episode 

6:49: Introduction to Olga

8:30: DOHaD 

11:35: Supporting theories for DOHaD

  • including: catch-up growth, epigenetics, and the Dutch Famine

20:00: Nutritional influences 

24:30: Research & DOHaD

26:52: Other important environmental...

Mar 24, 2019



  • 4:26: Aaron Sloman (

Jan 3, 2019


0:30 Introduction

1:45 Meaghan Stratford

2:08 Dr. Ashley Miller

3:40 Defining anxiety

  • “Anxiety is not pathological. Anxiety is normal. We need anxiety to survive.”

4:32 Body alarm analogy for anxiety

5:58 Defining depression

7:05 Differences in diagnosis of anxiety and depression between kids and...